“there are no mistakes, just happy accidents.” – bob ross

i wish that all of my sporadic blog posts were as jazzy as a holiday parade; as explosive as a fireworks display; or, at the very least, informative.

but, alas, this is not always possible.

rather, this sporadic post is about a project gone ok; not totally wrong but not 100% right either. some would call it a mistake. bob ross, on the other hand,  would call it a “happy accident.” {and, if i’m going to be honest, it’s always in one’s best interest to heed bob ross’s timeless adages.} so, happy accident it is!

the project: turn a gold mirror into a white, distressed mirror.

tools: primer spray paint; spray paint in the shades of darker gold and white; sand paper.

backstory: said gold mirror for project was being proudly displayed in my mother’s family room until one day, i thought to myself: “hey, i need something to put next to my record player…maybe a mirror…maybe that mirror my mom has in her family room. she doesn’t need it.”

::ring, ring:: {that’s me calling my mom. just in case.}

me: hey mom. i was thinking you don’t need that gold mirror, right? i can have it? i mean if you really want to keep it, i won’t take it…but if you don’t mind, i’ll just pick it up next time i come over. fantastic! i’ll talk to you later.

{you were probably expecting my mom’s response to be part of that mini-dialogue i just re-created. but, to be perfectly honest, i’m not even sure what she said. all i know is sometime soon after that, the gold mirror…she was mine. :)}

the before

process: i primed the whole decorative area with primer spray paint. for whatever reason, i decided that i wanted to spray paint the next layer with a darker golden/bronze-ish color to give it…a multi-dimensional look? once that coat was semi-dry {clearly i have no patience for the waiting that inevitably comes with spray painting}, i did another layer of white; a big, thick layer of white. of course, this was not intentional, but rather a “happy accident.” because the final white layer was kind of thick, i did my best to sand it down real good to get that aged, distressed look i was going for.

verdict: at the end of the day, i was happy with the outcome despite the heavy white spray paint and the over-sanding that inevitably came with it. the only time i really started questioning my project’s success was when i went on to pinterest and saw that chalk paint would have been a better tool. ::sigh:: so, i guess this post was informative after all: research before starting a project.

the after

there you have it, my recent “happy accident.” 🙂

<3 always,

ana patricia

p.s. don’t you hate when you somehow press publish before your post is done? argh. just another happy accident i guess. 😉

what kind of “happy accidents” have you made recently?

painting the town – black?

it’s really nothing new what a little black paint can do – like jazz up some random home decor. i happened to have a bottle of black acrylic paint lying around that i bought a week or two {or three} ago for that cork board rug project i kept mentioning in my posts, and i finally put it to good use. {“good use” is obviously subjective in this case.} well, i don’t want to use the words “gave up” – but i semi-gave up on my original idea of creating a chevron pattern on that cork board rug. now, i know that goes completely against what this blog is about {giving up – or whatever this blog is actually about ;)}, but i figured “practical” and “getting it finally done” was becoming more of a priority.

let’s start from the beginning –

my kitchen floor tiles, they are white-ish…and a pain in the arse-ish. {arse is a friendlier version, right? i’m trying to keep my sailor mouth out of this blog. :)} anyway, with a dog always coming in and going out, the white-ish floors often look even more not-so-white, if you know what i mean. to distract both the horrible choice in tile color and the constant “mess,” i craved a good-sized, affordable rug to at least break up the kitchen floor. no such luck. my kitchen is small as it is; the small rugs were too small and the big ones, well – too big. one day i randomly came across – somewhere in the big world wide web – the idea of painting one of those baby playmats and using it as a “regular” floor “rug.” {you know, the puzzle ones that usually have the alphabet?} luckily for me, i came across a playmat in cork {as opposed to the alphabet} on fab.com. oh yeah. {see here: http://fab.com/inspiration/cork-playmatand i had somehow acquired some fab.com credits, which knocked $15 off the price, for a total of $25 for two packets {including s+h}. oh yeahs.  would i say it was an amazing deal? no. 😉 but it was a great deal nonetheless –  especially since i could size it up the way i wanted to. {fyi: each pack covers 9 square feet.} i got the cork playmats and laid it out on my basement floor {still not sure how it will fit in the kitchen, but i’m thinking it will be swell. crossing my fingers!} i was, as previously mentioned, hoping to paint a black chevron pattern – but decided that pattern was far too complex for me with no real stencils. what did i do then? i got painter’s tape and i made stripes instead. black ones, of course.

the tape laid out:

{i confess i didn’t do this as accurately as possible. i improvised with that small metal-ish thing i found lying around in my basement – and the rest was history as “they” say. and as my mom says, “i don’t give a smushy” if the lines aren’t straight. it adds character. ;)}

the cork playmat painted:

as you can see, the “rug” still lies on my creepy basement floor and still has the painter’s tape. {the failed chevron stencil i tried creating also lies next to it.}  i don’t know how i will feel about it once it dries and the tape is removed. i especially don’t know how i will feel about it when it’s finally on my kitchen floor. but it shall all be unveiled tomorrow. stay tuned. 🙂

um. now, you didn’t think that was the extent of my painting black, did you? while i had the paint readily available, i finally attacked this nightstand that had been sitting in our basement for at least a year. we {al + i} bought it at the salvation army for $9.99 and decided it would eventually go in our guest bedroom. i was initially thinking of just giving it a fresh white coat {a shabby chic look in the guest bedroom, if you will} but obviously decided otherwise. i gave it a coat of black acrylic paint and quickly realized that the paint was more matte than i had wanted and not coating all that well in some areas that still had the previous white paint color. {i sanded, but i didn’t sand it all the way down to the original wood. forgive me!} my source of redemption came in the form of a can of black glossy spray paint {or what might end up being two cans of black glossy spray paint.} i did one coat of spray paint over the acrylic paint, which was still drying last time i checked. {the humidity wasn’t helping the drying process.} i will be applying another coat tomorrow – or at least in some areas that looked a little off. after that, i am going to rely on a little stencil, white paint and a new knob to round up the jazzing phase. stay tuned for that final project in the next few days to come! i’m excited to see how it will all finally come together in our guest bedroom. 🙂

the nightstand, before {original}:

the nightstand with a coat of acrylic paint:

the nightstand, now:

the stencil + the knob{s}:

sidenote + conclusion: i clearly don’t abide by the blog rules of consistent daily posts and of delivering completed projects to “the masses.” i won’t ever claim to do that either {but i will try!} i will, however, come to this interweb hole to share with you my mini adventures, journeys – and the like. as with most other journeys, it doesn’t all start and end in the same day. with that being said, i wish you all luck and success in your own projects and journeys “in the works.” 🙂

<3 always,

ana patricia

p.s. just wanted to share that i found this awesome lamp in the ikea as-is section for a whopping $10! it’s missing the shade and a bottom – but that’s what our imagination is for, right? 😉 this will eventually make it’s way onto the nightstand above. 🙂

what kind of things have you started and are in the process of finishing up?