i wish that all of my sporadic blog posts were as jazzy as a holiday parade; as explosive as a fireworks display; or, at the very least, informative.

but, alas, this is not always possible.

rather, this sporadic post is about a project gone ok; not totally wrong but not 100% right either. some would call it a mistake. bob ross, on the other hand,  would call it a “happy accident.” {and, if i’m going to be honest, it’s always in one’s best interest to heed bob ross’s timeless adages.} so, happy accident it is!

the project: turn a gold mirror into a white, distressed mirror.

tools: primer spray paint; spray paint in the shades of darker gold and white; sand paper.

backstory: said gold mirror for project was being proudly displayed in my mother’s family room until one day, i thought to myself: “hey, i need something to put next to my record player…maybe a mirror…maybe that mirror my mom has in her family room. she doesn’t need it.”

::ring, ring:: {that’s me calling my mom. just in case.}

me: hey mom. i was thinking you don’t need that gold mirror, right? i can have it? i mean if you really want to keep it, i won’t take it…but if you don’t mind, i’ll just pick it up next time i come over. fantastic! i’ll talk to you later.

{you were probably expecting my mom’s response to be part of that mini-dialogue i just re-created. but, to be perfectly honest, i’m not even sure what she said. all i know is sometime soon after that, the gold mirror…she was mine. :)}

the before

process: i primed the whole decorative area with primer spray paint. for whatever reason, i decided that i wanted to spray paint the next layer with a darker golden/bronze-ish color to give it…a multi-dimensional look? once that coat was semi-dry {clearly i have no patience for the waiting that inevitably comes with spray painting}, i did another layer of white; a big, thick layer of white. of course, this was not intentional, but rather a “happy accident.” because the final white layer was kind of thick, i did my best to sand it down real good to get that aged, distressed look i was going for.

verdict: at the end of the day, i was happy with the outcome despite the heavy white spray paint and the over-sanding that inevitably came with it. the only time i really started questioning my project’s success was when i went on to pinterest and saw that chalk paint would have been a better tool. ::sigh:: so, i guess this post was informative after all: research before starting a project.

the after

there you have it, my recent “happy accident.” 🙂

<3 always,

ana patricia

p.s. don’t you hate when you somehow press publish before your post is done? argh. just another happy accident i guess. 😉

what kind of “happy accidents” have you made recently?

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