in case there was ever any question about it, i just wanted to clarify some things for my super avid readers. yeah, that’s right: super avid readers.

to make this as simple + painless as possible, i’ll set this clarification up in a “q + a” type format. here goes:

q: why the big gaps in blog posts, revampsessionista?

a: you must be new here. 🙂 in that case, welcome! you see, i’m kind of a notorious quitter, new girl/guy –  so big time lapses between productivity is what i’ve always been good at. sometimes i’ll randomly remember that i have a blog and make the effort to write for it, and then sometimes i’ll be thinking about dinosaurs + glitter + galaxies instead. oddly enough, in a colossal effort to try and end my quitting notoriety, i started this blog. so far, as you have clearly noticed, it hasn’t really resolved my nasty procrastination/quitting habits. but have no fear, i have not yet given up complete hope on my revamping revolution – and neither should you.

q: are you sure you’re using all of those semicolons correctly?

a: that one’s easy: absolutely not. in fact, i’m never 100% sure that any of my chosen punctuation is being used in a way that wouldn’t embarrass my former english teachers; the same applies to grammar.

i hope that answers all of your most pressing questions. if not, feel free to send any of your questions my way!

speaking of questions, you might also be asking a. what have i been up to since my last visit? and b. what’s today’s post really about?

since i’ve made those crab cakes, i have gone on a few adventures that would have made my blog proud. i went: delaware river tubing {exactly what it sounds like, and totally worth it for anyone who has about 4-5 hours to lazily float along a river on a beautiful summer day}; to a jason mraz concert; held a yard sale; and went cabining in central new york. unfortunately, i didn’t take any pictures of most of those adventures – but do have some of my recent cabining trip to wellness:te lodge in taberg, ny, which was super lovely.

now that i’ve briefly touched on that, let’s get to what this blog post is kind of, really about: a small printing company that could. luso printing.

my boyfriend, al, he’s a nice guy and he’s starting up a printing company called luso printing. since i’m around + a keeper, i’ve become a bit of a designated helper. sometimes businesses-that-could need a shameless plug here and there, which is what this is, technically. luso printing is still working on their website, but are certainly ready, willing + able to get whatever printing job you need done now. if you fit the bill of someone who needs a baby shower invitation, an updated business card, a save the date, a business postcard – or anything in-between – then you should totally check out luso printing’s facebook page. while the website is “under construction,” luso printing welcomes the opportunity to answer any of your inquiries via their facebook page or eMail at albeit a very biased suggestion, i would also highly recommend you like them on facebook. i’m kind-of, sort-of in the know and there might be giveaways and such down the line. just wanted to give you that premature heads up. 😉

end shameless plug. {at least, for now}. 🙂

stay tuned because i have a few things in store: a 30-day photo challenge, more weight-loss + gain battles and overall good times. until next time! 🙂

<3 always,

ana patricia

feel free to use the comments section to provide your own shameless plug! 🙂


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