i’m jumping the gun, but those are actually part of the lyrics to the song i used in my first ever photoshop video. seeing as though summer officially begins tomorrow and that they say we will soon face the apocalypse – i thought it was actually an interesting choice of lyrics. no? yes. 🙂

anyway, i got off track…

so – for the past few days, i have been playing + learning a lot with photoshop cs6 and it’s been…interesting. interesting in the good way of course. most of the time i really don’t have a damn clue as to what i’m doing or trying to do, but that’s where the fun lies. it’s fun to just take a random mediocre picture and then learn how to manipulate the hell out of it until it becomes well, fun.

here are some of the random things i have “created” in photoshop recently, in case you were interested of course:

giraffes from the philadelphia zoo – which also made an appearance in this post.

tanner being both philosophical and literal. for literal interpretation, refer to video in this post.

just a random picture from my last visit to nyc.

umm. remember how i mentioned that i’m a fan of dinosaurs {see: here}? i also happen to be a fan {thanks to my friend, dema} of this song called “foux du fafa” by flight of the conchords. so, what’s more natural then bringing a dinosaur and a french song together, right?

this nugget goes by the name of “skipper,” and he happens to be my mother’s most treasured living creature. he’s a cocker spaniel with a bad attitude. despite having broken through some of my skin in the past, he’s a tubby little guy with a good heart.

and, so there it is. nothing mind-blowing; just pure, unadulterated fun via photoshop. the best part is that in the process of having fun, i’m actually learning something. so, here’s to learning more about photoshop – and other things that are actually fun. after all, isn’t that part of what this revamping is all about? 🙂

ok, and to finish 0ff – here is that tiny, ridiculously amateur video i mentioned earlier that was “put together” in photoshop.

here’s to all of us feeling the summer wind in our face! 🙂

<3 always,

ana patricia

what kind of “self-taught” things are you learning these days?

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