it’s been a little over two years now since me + al embarked on the adventurous journey of homeownership. out of all of the houses that we looked at {and there were many!}, 215 was the most “move-in ready.” {215 being our current house, of course.} there were no holes in the kitchen ceiling, no leaky tubs creating water damage and more importantly, the foundation wasn’t on a slant {the walk-through of that house was interesting to say the least}. al was hesitant about 215 at first, which wasn’t a surprise since he was apparently looking for a mansion, but it quickly grew on him. the neighborhood was quiet with a healthy sprinkling of friendly people walking their dogs and kids; the house, as previously mentioned, was not in need of any “major” renovations {in fact, the main bathroom and kitchen had just been redone by the previous owners}; and the backyard was bigger than both of our childhood homes combined. so, we did what any rational person would do: make an offer that day. it was a short sale so it took us about 4 months to close on the house – and then, for whatever reason, another 3 months to move in. although i say it was move-in ready, it wasn’t perfect – and is still very far from it. it is, however, ours. with every little thing we do in, around and to the house, we make this old house that much more our home.

so, without further ado, i would like to present to you the “before” and the current “revamp-in-progress” of one of the rooms: our “lair.” 🙂

the “before”:

like i said, the house wasn’t perfect. but, we were able to see past the hanging ceiling fan, disgusting carpet and unforgivable curtains. this is the view of the master bedroom as you walk into it.

here is a better pictures of the absolutely gross carpet that once lived in our bedroom, as well as one of the “walk-in” closets. {by “walk-in,” i mean for people that are shorter than 5’3.”}

and here is a look on the inside of that fabulous little “walk-in” closet.

here is a view of the other side of the bedroom. the small brown door leads to the other “walk-in” closet.

the inside of that “walk-in” closet.

a better look inside.

some of the things we did to revamp this room, include: remove the disgusting carpet; put in new wood flooring throughout the rooms and closets; replace all of the moulding in the room; decrease the size of the first “walk-in” closet and replace it’s doors; move the fallen ceiling fan to the office and fix the hole; painted and began acquiring furniture.

and, here it is – the “revamp-in-progress”:

i wasn’t a fan of  the white wooden box around the ugly random pipe, so i opted for christmas lights instead. clever, i know. 🙂 my mother likes to remind me that i don’t live in a loft and that i can’t get away with exposing the pipe, but i’ve convinced myself that it’s awesome nonetheless. {you might have to click the picture in order to see the pipe i am referring to. }

the new closet doors. {and, unfortunately, that is me looking like a bum in the reflection. so much for using the camera remote. }

reflection of the windows and such.

that other little area where the chair was in the “before” shots. {don’t mind the cushions – their covers are being washed because a certain puppy likes to lick them excessively and get them dirty. they belong to the daybed in our “alcove,” which used to be part of one of the master bedroom “walk-in” closets. more on that another day. :)} i would, however, like to eventually put a nice arm chair and corner table in this section, as well as spray paint that lamp for another room.

that first “walk-in” closet was made smaller to accommodate for that “alcove.” because of the dropped ceilings, we weren’t sure how we were going to organize our closet. we had a few people come and give us quotes for both of our closets, but they were far too pricey. instead, we opted for some shelving in different sizes from home depot – and it worked!

another angle. there is another shelf and rod to the left, but you get the general idea. 🙂

and a quick shot of the other closet, which also has three shelving units before, in-between and after the two hanging rods.

as you can see, my walls are still very bare. at some point, i would like to hang some home-made art and/or landscape pictures. i already have something in mind for that wall above the dresser. i’ll keep you posted! 🙂

anyway, i hope you enjoyed my little “revamped” space. and  i hope that you are all enjoying any of your spaces that are “revamps-in-progress.” 🙂

<3 always,

ana patricia

what kind of “revamp-in-progress” are you in the middle of?

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