i think it’s semi-safe to say that most people are now fully acquainted with a little magical place in this world known as “pinterest.” in this magical place, i have opened up treasure chest upon treasure chest of endless awesomeness.  it makes me wonder, where were all of these amazing ideas hiding all of this time and why didn’t i think up half of this brilliance?! i guess we’ll never know.

but speaking of pinterest, i am happy to update that i have semi-completed my first pinterest-inspired d.i.y. project. it’s not “ready” per se, but it is “done.” it’ll make sense as we go along.

{f.y.i. the pinterest inspiration: http://www.craftyendeavor.com/2012/03/08/easter-egg-garland/}

ok, so…

mondays and thursdays are customer appreciation days at our local thrift store, which means 25% off – which means those are the days we usually frequent that thrift store. this particular monday i was browsing the aisles when i found these two begging to come home with me:

 for $2.99 and $3.99 with an additional 25% off, it came out to a whopping total of around $5 and change. not too shabby for an endless supply of soft + hot pink yarn/string.

i was ready to follow my inspiration’s instructions thoroughly, but decided to opt for this fabric stiffener instead of making one:

{excuse the creepy basement. i was trying to keep the mess contained and away from troublemaking tanner.}

i blew up a bunch of water balloons i picked up from the dollar store:

i put the fabric stiffener in a paper bowl and found it easiest to just get some of the fabric stiffener on my fingers and run it through the yarn/string as i was wrapping the balloon. i initially tried putting the string/yarn in the glue itself and then using a paintbrush, but neither really worked for this amateur.

the result:

i let it dry overnight, popped the balloons inside and ta-da:

24 ready to be hung pink yarn/string balloon-shaped things!

they were a little more time-consuming than i expected, especially the hot pink ones since they were a bit stringier and therefore, involved more wrapping. the soft pink ones were a bit of a softer, yarny material and didn’t require as much wrapping around the balloons.

so, like i said – they’re done but not entirely ready. i was thinking of stringing them as garland as my pinterest-inspiration did or even putting them over some hung christmas lights. all i know is that i’ll be hosting mother’s day this year and hopefully a dirty dancing themed party {that’s right, the dirty dancing} and they would make a great addition to both of those event’s decor. yay! 🙂

and because the whole process of the balloon popping felt like more of a science project than a d.i.y. project, i felt a video needed to be made and posted for everyone to see. here it is:

ok, maybe just me + al thought it was really cool 😉

<3 always,

ana patricia

p.s. i am currently working on that cork playmat i recently bought. i was totally under the impression that chevron would be an easy design to mimic, but alas it has been slightly troublesome for this girl. perhaps it involves math, and i was never any good in math. anyway, trying it again later. stay tuned! 🙂

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