buckets of lists.

a few months ago when i was cleaning out some boxes, i came across a list. i want to say this list was written circa 2006ish at the hands of my 22ish year old self. if you need some sort of visual, it’s a scribbled list on a slice of letter size legal pad paper written in green pen, titled “dreams/goals.” {random sidenote: i have to admit that the whole letter vs. legal size and then letter size legal pad boggled my mind for a second.}

anyway,  it appears that i’m a fan of making lists – the simple to-do all the way to the complex to-dream lists. this was one of those random ones. things have since changed and although most of them remain on my ultimate and unwritten bucket list, some of them have since become at least some version of a reality.

that list –


  • visit each state at least once and have a picture next to a famous landmark in each of the states. {the same applies to the rest of the world.}
  • take photography classes {+ art classes.}
  • with that being said: excel at photography and buy a professional, professional camera.
  • write a book.
  • learn new languages – and actually use them on a frequent basis.
  • own a quirky little coffee shop.
  • drive like a professional.
  • be a mother – and a good, selfless one.
  • experience life both on a farm and in a big city firsthand.
  • find out where i come from/my ancestry.
  • help my brother live independently + happily.
  • give my parents an endless vacation.
  • sponsor more children and visit them in their home countries.
  • buy my mother the house of her dreams.
  • have a farm of animals.
  • ride a motorcycle.
  • have and tend to my own little garden with a little table where we can sit and have breakfast.
  • get tattoos representing the most important people of my life.
  • learn how to cook like a gourmet chef – and like an experienced grandmother.
  • get physically fit.
  • be my own boss or find a career in which i look forward to waking up and starting each day for.
  • visit the statue of liberty with my grandparents/go on multiple adventures with my family.
  • move in with you {al}; see you every day in a place we can call our own.
  • host tons of get togethers, theme parties, poker nights, etc. with all of our families and friends.
  • read a library of books, including classics like anna karenina.
  • my ultimate dream is to look back on life and know that despite it not being perfect, that it was well-lived. i want my future kids to be in absolute awe of my life.

i didn’t promise that the list made any sense. it was where i was at that point in my life and still very much am to some degree. i still want to travel the world, i still want to do something outside of the ordinary with my life, and i still make random lists. maybe one day i will finally sit down and write that ultimate bucket list. in the meantime, i will just aim to chronicle my daily mini-adventures with all of you, which makes it one down and a million more things to go on that unwritten bucket list. 🙂

<3 always,

ana patricia

p.s. this was me circa 2006ish:

get it – i’m smiling and wearing a yellow shirt. it’s like “where’s waldo,” except it’s “where’s ana?” 😉 grandma jokes, kids, grandma jokes. 🙂

do you have an ultimate bucket list; what’s on it?


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